Hidden in the 13th Moon reveals the rich texture of rural life. The book uses prose, poetry, and imaginative approaches as well as chronicles of interactions and encounters with creatures. Organized around the seasons this book tells stories of cats, goats, horses and creature neighbors. They range from soaring eagles to river-dwelling muskrats. Also the book addresses life themes like grieving, floods and finding a home. A few glimpses of city life also appear.

Marcia Halligan came of age in the 1960s and 1970s in a tumultuous, transforming America. She began journal writing in 1978 to capture stories of the creatures in her life and her experiences in Nature - her antidote to outer tumult and part of a path to inner peace. Out of those journals comes Hidden in the 13th Moon. She always felt close to the earth- growing up on a farm in southern Minnesota.

Even when living in the city of Minneapolis, she frequented parks, lakes, and rivers to feel more connected to the natural world. Today she lives in southwestern Wisconsin, teaching Reiki, caring for animals, writing for the local community radio station and enjoying farm life.